Aussies Edge Farm

Aussies do it all!!
An active breed for active people!

Aussies Edge Farm,  NH/ME  603-562-8660  Currently in Maine 2020

Kathy's Goal is to keep the old fashion working-line Aussie alive! 

Kathy believes in preserving the original working lines of this amazing breed. She strives on her old fashion true working lines and pedigree. Her dogs all come from working cattle farms to ensure they carry that natural instinct to work and please.  Her dogs have  a natural ability to work cattle with a sharp nose. They excel at many jobs and make a wonderful addition to any active family. They truly need an outlet and their needs must be met on a daily basis or they will find a job to do. They are friendly but protective, they work hard but relax well and they have a well balance on/off switch. They are loyal, stubborn, independent, sharp, bold, fearless but yet gently, kind and loving! 

The Australian Shepherd is an athletic active breed that needs a high active partner. They make amazing outdoor partners for hiking, running, swimming, boating, snowshoe, cross country skiing, and much much more. They have a great deal of stamina. If they don't get a chance to exercise and challenge their strongly developed mental and physical activities, they are apt to become frustrated and difficult to live with. The Aussie is reserved with strangers, and has a protective nature. 

Ideal Owner: Active and with patience with time to invest in regular training, exercise, and play to burn off excess energy! Aussies are a high-spirited, High-energy breed. The company of another dog may invite a good romp, but it is up to the owner to provide an adequate avenue for sufficient exercise and play. Aussies are not machines that can be forced into obedience without damaging the desire. Aussies want to please and do best when taught with reward, be getting to herd livestock, retrieving a ball, or a favorite activity.

   A tired Aussie is a good Aussie!

Barley with a puppy 2014!