Double A Bentleys Edge!

(RETIRED) ASCA, DNA-VP, Cleared Genetic Panel, OFA Hip Excellent, OFA CAER eyes normal, He is 100% Twin Oak Pedigree! He is  the uncle to Chaps and the Sire to Sammy and Timber! 
21" and 55 lbs

Sammy's Living On The Edge!

ASDR, DNA,  cleared by parents,  he's the son to Twilight X Bentley
BET's Carrier
Twin Oak & Freestyle  Pedigree!
21" and 52 lbs

Breaults Timber On the Edge!

ASCA, DNA-VP, cleared by parents he's the son to Blanca x Bentley
He carries the NBT gene!
Twin Oak & LasRocosa Pedigree!
23" and 55 lbs

C&J Synergy At The Edge !

ASCA, AKC & ASDR, DNA-CP, Cleared Genetic Panel , OFA Hips Excelent, BET'S Carrier, 
Twin Oak, Boyd Ranch, Slash V, & Freestyle pedigree!
23" and 55 lbs

Double A EdgeKiss My Chaps!

ASCA, ASDR, DNA-CP,  Cleared Genetic Panel,  HIPS pending
OFA CAER Eyes Normal
100% Twin Oak Pedigree and a nephew to Bentley!
21" and 53 lbs

The Edges Settler By The Lake Lincoln!

ASCA, AKC & ASDR , DNA-CP,  He's the son to Epic X Synergy 
Cleared by Parents
BET's carrier
21" and 50 lbs

Double A Bentleys Edge

ASCA Pedigree

Sammy,s Living On The Edge!

ASDR Pedigree: Bentley X Twilight

Breaults Timber On The Edge!

ASCA Pedigree: Bentley X Blanca

C&J Synergy At The Edge!

ASCA Pedigree

Double A Edge Kiss My Chaps!

ASCA Pedigree

The Edge Settler  By The Lake Lincoln

ASCA Pedigree: Synergy x Epic