Our Dog & Puppies!

Each one of our Edge dogs brings something special to our program, and we are proud to share them with you! Our dogs undergo rigorous health testing to ensure that our puppies have the best possible chance of success.

Kathy stands behind her adherence to ethical and responsible breeding practices and her commitment to each and every Edge puppy.  Edge puppies all undergo Puppy Culture and are raised in a home environment with lots of stimulation. Kathy is available for questions and assistance for the lifetime of the dog. 

Our puppies are available to approved homes only.  Aussies Edge Farm is a No-Shelter  breeder. If for some reason an owner is no longer able to care for their dog, the dog must be returned to Aussies Edge Farm or we will help place the dog in an appropriate home. We require all owners to sign spay/neuter contracts to ensure the continued health and welfare of the breed and the individual dog.

Every Edge puppy is sent home with updated veterinary care including health certificates, vaccinations, and worming. All Edge puppies are sent home with 30 days of Health Insurance, a puppy to go home bag and are given a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

We remove hind dewclaws only to reduce the risk of injury, leaving the front dewclaws natural to ensure proper traction and help stabilize the carpal joint while the dog is running and turning. Finally, our Australian Shepherds are left with their natural tails for balance and communication We do not dock or remove tails on our dogs.

Puppy Tunnel playtime!

We expose our puppies to tunnels, stairs, uneven footing and other agility equipment for motor function skills!

Puppy inside playtime in the ball pit !

Puppy stimulation with lots of exposure to different toys & noises!

Puppy pool playtime!

Exposing our puppies to different textures, such as water, grass, snow dirt etc..